There is a saying “Better theft than a fire.” While both are unfortunate events, theft is much more favourable. Fires leave you with almost nothing but ashes. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the fire department, in 2018, responded to a fire every 24 seconds. This statistic is quite disturbing considering just how much damage a fire could deal out. The number of fire-related casualties should also not be taken lightly.

I have listed down some of the most common causes of fires. Hopefully, this could help reduce the number of fires that occur every year.


Electrical Fires

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are approximately 24,000 electrical fires per year. Faulty wiring, electrical malfunction, and pirated devices can cause a lot of problems. Another common cause is water from leaking pipes coming in contact with wall sockets causing a short circuit.

All residents should be thoroughly familiar with the safety procedures of electrical malfunctions.

What makes electrical fires more dangerous is that the human response behaviour of putting it out with water will make this worse. Water will conduct electricity and cause a bigger fire. The best you can do is to smother the fire or use CO2 Fire extinguishers

Cooking/Kitchen Mishaps

Even professional chefs can have kitchen mishaps. Just imagine how common it can be for inexperienced individuals who want to try their hand at cooking? Forgetting that you have on a casserole or too hot of a stove can easily create a fire that would scar you from holding a frying pan ever again.

Another cause of kitchen fires is gas burners that are improperly installed, which could translate to leaks and loose fittings. Over time, the gas buildup could explode in contact with extreme heat. It is the reason why many experts recommend calling a gas fire service for installations.

Left Candles and Cigarettes

When you’re dealing with candles and cigarettes, make sure that there’s not a single ember still alive. Even the smallest source of heat can set your house ablaze. Put out cigarette butts completely. If possible, soak it with water to kill off any active flames. Likewise, with candles, after a power outage, make sure that you’ve put out all the candles.

Flammable Liquids & Matches

It’s a universal fact that highly flammable objects such as matches, diesel and kerosene should be kept out of the reach of children. Being naturally curious, young children will play with these resulting in a high chance that they might accidentally set objects on fire.


Lastly, Arson is a criminal act where an individual deliberately sets properties on fire for their own personal reasons. Arson usually causes a massive amount of losses and casualties.


Common Causes of Fires
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